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Vineyard Management

Whoever comes to Rust is immediately aware that this town – and its wine as well - is something special. The gently rising hills of the Rust Hügelland on the western banks of Lake Neusiedl surround the town like an amphitheatre; a view which fascinates every time anew. The location is unique and gives wines from Rust a distinctive and unique character.

Rust vintners cultivate a great variety of grapes for their red and white wines. Above all, the climate of the Pannonian Region decisively influences the growth of the grapes: hot dry summers and cold, humid winters provide for an extraordinary harvest every year. In the morning the large surface area of the lake reflects the radiation of the sun like a mirror and accelerates the ripeness of the grapes compared to other wine growing regions.

These natural conditions along with the sensible affection of the vintners for their town and their vineyards give way to objects all wine–lovers look for: extraordinary and top-quality wines.

The diversity of the region is also mirrored in the various soil structures of Rust and their origins: alluvial deposits from the Alpine region, in some places ancient rocks, wind-carried fine sand (Loess) or sediments of primeval seas form a diverse and multifaceted mosaic of very differentiated soils – an excellent basis and at the same time a challenge for wine growers in Rust.

Wine Grower of Rust
Hauptstraße 7
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